Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829)

Mauro Giuliani, guitar virtuoso, heir to the lutenists of old, friend of Beethoven and Rossini, composed concerti, chamber music, and songs, as well as guitar solos and duets. A Dutchman who heard him in 1808 when he had first arrived in Vienna from Italy, had a perceptive insight into the nature of Giuliani’s work. He wrote: “Then I heard a guitarist who played so perfectly that he often reminded me of the fine old time of true lute playing”….

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Giuliani: The Complete Studies A standard re-engraved edition for students.
Giuliani: Dances of 1810 for solo guitar (which might equally well be entitled “The very easy pieces which Giuliani composed as a young man when he first arrived in Vienna”)
Giuliani: Siciliana (Andantino). Prescribed for the Associated Board for their examinations, Grade 8.
Giuliani: Sonatina for guitar, op. 71 no. 3. Prescribed for the Associated Board for their examinations, Grades 6 to 8.
Giuliani: Sonata op. 15, re-engraved edition
Giuliani: The six Rossiniane, complete in one book
Giuliani: Grande Ouverture, op. 61
Giuliani: Gran Sonata Eroica, op. 150
Giuliani: Two Rondos for guitar and keyboard, re-engraved not facsimile, score and separate guitar part
Giuliani: Studio op. 1 (this is his well-known “method” including the right and left hand studies)
Giuliani: Sei Cavatine op. 39
Giuliani: Sechs Lieder op. 89
Giuliani: Sei Ariette op. 95
Giuliani: The Complete Works in 39 volumes

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Audio and Video Examples

Rob MacKillop plays Giuliani’s Monferrine nos 1,6,7 and 9, which can be found in the Tecla edition of
Giuliani – Dances of 1810

La Tarantella is found in
Giuliani – Dances of 1810

Rob MacKillop plays four of Giuliani’s Monferrine dances, from
Giuliani –  Dances of 1810 for guitar

Mauro Giuliani’s Sonatina op. 71 no. 3
Giuliani – Sonatina op. 71 no. 3

Jamie Akers plays Giuliani op. 48 no. 23 from
Giuliani –  Complete Studies

Giuliani’s Grande Ouverture op. 61, the separate Tecla edition. Fabulous lecture by Maccari and Pugliese!

The guitar duet, the overture to Il Barbiere Rossini arr Giuliani, played by Maccari and Pugliese at the Conservatorio in Alessandria, from
Giuliani – Complete Works volume 24