Josep María Mangado

Josep María Mangado is a musicologist who has specialized in archival research on Spanish and Catalan composers. He has so far published seven books with Tecla Editions.


A new book in February 2024:

José Viñas y Dias (1823-1888). A new book in 2024. A biography of this multifaceted musician, violinist, guitarist, pianist, but above all orchestral conductor in the musical life of Barcelona of the late nineteenth century. With a detailed catalogue of  Viñas’ approximately ninety compositions including for guitar.

Fernando Sor volumes 1 2 and 3. Three new books exclusively distributed by Tecla Editions. In them, the author describes in detail many aspects of Sor’s life and music. Written in Spanish. VOLUME 1 IS NEW IN DECEMBER 2020.

José Martínez Toboso (1857-1913), El señor de las once cuerdas. A new book in 2022. A biography of this guitarist who in the late nineteenth century gave many concerts, including on the guitar of eleven strings. It records in detail his concert tours, including an extended tour through central and south America, which was no easy thing in those days before air travel.

La Guitarra en Cataluña, 1769-1939.  A study of composers for the guitar in Catalonia in that period, with special attention to José Ferrer. A book of 535 pages, written in Spanish. First published by Tecla as a printed book in 1998, this second edition is now available online from Tecla as a digital publication (ebook).

Los conciertos de guitarra en el Palau de la Musica in Barcelona 1908-1940, a new publication November 2019. An account of the guitar concerts in the Palau, from Romea in 1910, Segovia in 1916, Pujol, Llobet and many others – not forgetting Django Reinhardt. A book of 143 pages, written in Spanish. Now available from Tecla as a digital publication (ebook).

Recuerdos de mi familia. Josep María Mangado’s previously unpublished personal account of his family’s part in rescuing the diary of Baron Maldá called Calaix de sastre from destruction during the terrible times of the 1930s in Barcelona. His grandfather was instrumental in this rescue. That diary gives, for example, glimpses of Sor in Barcelona in his youth which I quote in my book on Sor. Free to read, here on this site.