Francesco Molino and the 250th anniversary of his birth

The composer Francesco Molino was born 250 years ago exactly, on 4 June 1768. I am celebrating the occasion with a 50% discount on items by him in Tecla Editions, ending on 11 June 2018.

The 50% discount applies to three sets of trios with guitar by Molino, as follows:

Trois Trios op. 4 for flute, viola, and guitar. They include a wonderful Romanza.

The Grand Trio Concertante op. 30 for flute or violin, viola, and guitar. I published the first modern re-engraved edition of this wonderful piece, of which the first modern performers said that it was love at first sight.

And the Second Grand Trio Concertante op. 45 for flute or violin, viola, and guitar, which has been known since the 1920s but not with a score, which I have now provided.

We performed the op. 30 and parts of op. 4 here in London a year or two ago, with the sound wafting out on a summer’s afternoon into the Hampstead air.

If you are a guitarist, this is your opportunity to obtain these works, all of them newly edited by me, newly engraved with score and parts.

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Brian Jeffery

Tecla Editions