Fernando Sor (1778-1839)


The news about Sor is that I have just published the new 2020 third edition of my book Fernando Sor Composer and Guitarist. It has plenty of new information about Sor, including who Sor’s first wife was – we know her name, we know what she did, we know something about her.

Brian Jeffery

Here are the Sor items available in digital.

Brian Jeffery: the new 2020 third edition of my book Fernando Sor Composer and Guitarist.

Sor, Fernando
The New complete works for guitar and guitar duet, the new digital online 2020 second edition – an important new edition. It includes FREE items. If you are looking for any particular guitar work by Sor, go here to get it as a pdf online.

The complete Sor studies (TECLA 101) – the classic authentic and urtext edition
The Sixteen Easiest Pieces by Sor for Guitar, ed. Brian Jeffery (TECLA 0100), the complete book. On the page for this item you can see videos of all sixteen pieces, very useful for any student or beginner.
Method – in English translation
O crux
Seguidillas – famous songs with guitar
Seguidillas Book 2
“Las quejas de Maruja”, a new re-engraved edition of this song April 2020.
“Should a pretty Spanish lass”, a new re-engraved edition of this song March 2022
Allegretto (op. 44 no. 2) (no. 4 in Sor Sixteen Easiest Pieces) FREE
Two seguidillas (“Si mis ojos te dicen” and “Yo no sé lo que tiene”) in a modern edition, from Sor’s article “Le Bolero” of 1835. “Si mis ojos te dicen” is amazingly fast, as you can hear in a video on this Tecla page for these pieces.
Mozart/Sor: Three airs from Don Giovanni, arranged with guitar accompaniments by Sor.
Appel des nègres aux français, a song for bass voice and guitar, against the slave trade
Study, op. 6 no. 9 (prescribed for ABRSM Grade 7)
Exercise, op. 35 no. 2 (prescribed for ABRSM Grade 3)
Exercise, op. 35 no. 22 (prescribed for ABRSM Grade 5)
Petite pièce, op. 44 no. 14 (prescribed for ABRSM Grade 4)
Lesson, op. 60 no. 1 (prescribed for ABRSM Grade 1)
Lesson, op. 60 no. 2 (prescribed for ABRSM Grade 2)
Lesson, op. 60 no. 23 (prescribed for ABRSM Grade 6)

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Sor: The Complete Studies, Lessons and Exercises for guitar. The standard edition of this music, now in its third printing, used worldwide and available in both printed and digital. Urtext.
Sor: The Sixteen Easiest Pieces for guitar. Ideal for beginners. With accompanying videos of all of the pieces, Available in printed and digital. Urtext.
Sor: The New Complete Works for Guitar in eleven volumes. Re-engraved printed edition.
Sor: Fantaisie elégiaque, op. 59

Sor: Seguidillas for voice and guitar or piano
Sor: Seguidillas Book 2 for two and three voices and guitar or piano
Sor: The complete Italian arietts for voice(s) and piano

Sor: Method for the Spanish guitar
España de la guerra, the Spanish political and military songs of the war in Spain 1808 to 1814, a new book by Brian Jeffery of 2017 about the songs of the war, of which Sor was the principal known composer.

I’m delighted to announce the publication of my new online 2020 second edition of the New Complete Works for Guitar of Sor from Tecla Editions. Now all 75 Sor works are available in digital form online.


I wrote what is now the standard biography of Fernando Sor: Fernando Sor, Composer and Guitarist, on which see below. Based on the research which I was able to do when I prepared that book, which included for the first time a detailed bibliography of all Sor’s compositions, I have been able to prepare and to publish many works of his which you will find listed here above and below. Among them are his printed New Complete Works for Guitar in eleven volumes, and his Complete Studies, Lessons, and Exercises for guitar available in both printed and digital. All of these editions are based on a re-examination of the original sources. All of Sor’s original fingering is preserved, for example, which is not the case with some other editions of this music which alter Sor’s original fingering without saying that they are doing so. The editions which are listed here on this page provide you with authenticity.

Brian Jeffery

Fernando Sor life and music, a short biography based on my book Fernando Sor Composer and Guitarist.

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Audio and Video Examples

Rob MacKillop playing pieces 1-4. They are played on a fine modern copy of a Lacote guitar.  From
Sor – The Sixteen Easiest Pieces

Jamie Akers plays Op 29 no 17 from
Sor – The Complete Studies

Gohar Vardanyan has made a video of Sor’s famous study in B minor (op. 35 no. 22) from the Tecla book
Sor – The Complete Studies

Patrik Kleemola has made videos of all 24 of the 24 very easy exercises op. 35 of Sor, on Youtube playing a copy of an early guitar.
Sor – The Complete Studies

Sor’s “Sin duda que tus ojos”, seguidillas for three voices and guitar. Auditorio Jorge Luis Borges, Biblioteca Nacional, Buenos Aires, 20xx.
In the Tecla book
Sor – Seguidillas Book 2

Kevin R. Gallagher plays op 35 no 22 from
Sor – The Complete Studies

Sor: L’Encouragement Op. 34 (Cantabile), played by the Duo Historico.
In the Tecla complete guitar duets of Sor, in
Sor – New Complete Works for Guitar, volumes 8 to 11.