Fernando Sor – the new 2020 online edition by Brian Jeffery, more information

Fernando Sor

Sor’s New Complete Works for Guitar were published by me in printed form in Tecla in 2004. It is an authentic, authoritative and urtext edition. Now I am delighted to announce the publication of my new online second edition of the New Complete Works for Guitar of Fernando Sor from Tecla Editions. If you are looking for any particular work by Sor, go there to get it as a pdf online.

The new edition consists of 75 online files for 75 works by Sor, not printed volumes as in the first edition.

It is already getting a good reception. Here is a comment in January 2020: “I think your decision to completely digitize all of Sor’s works was an incredible idea, and I look forward to reading through all of these editions” (Joey Piellucci, CSUN in California).

It will be useful to everyone because it means that this well-established and important standard authentic and urtext edition of Sor’s New Complete Works for Guitar is now immediately available online all over the globe, as individual works and at low prices or free.

The new Sor edition is dynamic not static, that is to say that it is designed so that any item in it can be changed or updated as necessary, for example when and if new information comes in about a particular work.

The new edition already incorporates a good many updates in the commentaries. More updates are planned.

It’s big news, I think, especially for performers and for students.

It is tremendously good news for the planet because it avoids sending printed items which inevitably go by air.

This new Sor edition is also available on nkoda, so you can subscribe to nkoda, or if you are attached to an institution that subscribes to nkoda you can see this new Sor edition there.

27 items are FREE TO EVERYBODY especially for use by students the world over. Read more about these FREE TO EVERYBODY items and their purpose.

About the previous printed edition

A special note to owners of the first printed edition in eleven volumes: your set is not out of date! If you bought your set directly from the Tecla website and if in the future we issue a major update of any Sor guitar work, you can receive the online update of that work without charge.

We still have sets left of the printed edition in eleven volumes. It would be a good idea to get a set soon if you don’t already have one, because we don’t have very many of those printed sets left.

Brian Jeffery
Tecla Editions

COMMENTS (on the printed edition):

You may like to see some of the very many comments on the printed edition, which will apply also to this new online edition. Here they are.

“I’ve received my order!!!! It’s the best collection that I’ve seen!!!! The quality is incredible!!!” (a customer in Brazil, writing about the printed New Complete Works for Guitar of Sor)

“This is a new contribution by Brian Jeffery . . . Most interesting in this work are Jeffery’s “Notes on the Pieces” at the beginning of each volume. These notes contain such information as publication history, background, and major editorial concerns. This really provides a wealth of information for the player of these works. This is a beautifully produced work. The paper and covers are of very high quality, and the volumes stay open easily on the stand. These books are a pleasure to work with. This new edition of Sor is excellent.” (Soundboard, 2004).

“This work [Volume 1] is highly recommended, and I anxiously await the publication of the remaining volumes” (Classical Guitar).

“… ai bellissime lavori di Sor per due chitarre … una nuova versione … redatta in partitura nel massimo rispetto della stesura originale di Sor. … corpose e interessantissime introduzioni ai due volumi … L’impaginazione e la stampa assolutamente pregevolissime” (Il Fronimo).