Fernando Ferandiere

Fernando Ferandiere lived in Spain at the end of the eighteenth and beginning of the nineteenth centuries.  He studied in Zamora, and published much music, a book about the violin, and the Arte de tocar la guitarra española which is available in Tecla.  Six concertos for guitar with full orchestra are listed in a catalogue of his music, which may mean that he was the first to compose such concertos (but no copies of them have as yet been found, as far as I am aware).


Ferandiere: Arte de tocar la guitarra española (1799).  Complete facsimile published by Tecla. NOW AVAILABLE AGAIN IN A NEW 2013 EDITION.

Ferandiere: Seis Dúos for two guitars  Lively duets for two guitars.  The first (and so far I think the only) modern edition.

Fernando Ferandiere’s Arte de tocar la guitarra española (Madrid, 1799) is an interesting and enthusiastic book about the guitar, with some music in an appendix.  It is a significant text in guitar history.

We published a complete facsimile edition of it in 1977, it sold out, and now we have a new 2013 edition of it.  It includes a complete facsimile reprint of the Madrid 1799 edition, a new introduction by Brian Jeffery both in English and in Spanish, a complete English translation of Ferandiere’s text, and the music examples given additionally in modern notation.

The new 2013 introduction of forty pages brings our knowledge about this interesting writer and composer up to date and adds some information not otherwise available.

Also December 2013 we have a brand new Tecla publication: Ferandiere’s Seis Dúos for two guitars .

These six duos for two guitars by Ferandiere are full of life, originality and humour, and offer much to both guitarists.  They come from a manuscript now in Madrid and they date from about the year 1800 when Ferandiere lived in Madrid.  They have not previously been published in a modern edition as far as I know, and are presented here in the form of a modern score.

You can hear Duo 3 and Duo 4 from these Seis Dúos, played from this edition by the Panormo Duo, Wendy Jackson and Christopher Susans.  To hear them go to www.panormoduo.com and click on Soundcloud at the foot of that page, and then choose Seis Dúos no. 3 i, no. 3 ii, no. 4 i, no. 4 ii.