Ferandiere, Fernando – Seis Dúos, the beginning of the preface

Seis Dúos for two guitars

These Seis Dúos by Fernando Ferandiere (c. 1742 – c. 1803) are found in the manuscript Mus 720-56 of the Biblioteca Histórica Municipal in Madrid. The manuscript is so carefully written, with such attention to detail, that one is very much inclined to think that its scribe may well have been the composer, that is to say Ferandiere himself.

The duos themselves are full of life and delightful in many ways.Some light on the circumstances in which they may have been composed and performed may perhaps be found in a reference to Ferandiere in the book La condesa-duquesa de Benavente (Madrid, 1955) by the Condesa de Yebes [Carmen Muñoz Roca-Tallada], page 90, in connexion with the guitarist Antonio Chocano in Madrid around the year 1800 or so:

El famoso guitarrista Antonio Chocano solía dar audiciones en el teatro de la Máquina Real, frente al oratorio del Caballero de Gracia. Los domingos concurrían sus amigos a casa del editor Fiola, en la plazuela del Carmen, y ahí le escuchaban en competencia con otro maestro consumado, Fernando Ferandiere.

(‘The famous guitarist Antonio Chocano used to play in the Máquina Real theatre, in front of the oratorio of the Caballero de Gracia. On Sundays his friends used to go to the house of the publisher Fiola in the plazuela del Carmen, where they heard him play in [probably friendly] competition with another accomplished master, Fernando Ferandiere.’) . . .

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