“Don’t waste your time on frivolities like music”

This is a short article (it’s free) about a meeting of the young Sor and a visiting doctor in Málaga in 1805, and the doctor’s advice (Bozzi was a doctor, who later in London performed the first ever autopsy on a mummy . . .)

During this time of lockdown, there is a new and very clear list of all the Tecla digital items available including some splendid new items. During the lockdown all these digital items are of course available but we can’t ship any of our printed items.

New in Tecla in digital, in this time of lockdown: a completely new re-engraved edition that I have made, score and parts, of Giuliani’s arrangement for two guitars of the overture to Rossini’s Barbiere di Siviglia. You can hear it brilliantly played in a video on the Tecla page.

I have put my book España de la guerra available in digital form on the Tecla website at only a tiny price for people to read during the lockdown. The book is about songs, propaganda and political villainy. There is a video of me talking about it on the Tecla page.

Keep safe!

Brian Jeffery