Dionisio Aguado (1784-1849)

Dionisio Aguado, from his New Guitar Method published by Tecla Editions.

Dionisio Aguado was one of the classic composers for the guitar in the nineteenth century. Born in Spain, he later lived for many years in Paris. He is best known today for his New Guitar Method, but he also composed many other pieces, for example his Fandango, op. 16, which can be stunning in an enthusiastic performance.

More details about Aguado can be read at my article Dionisio Aguado life and music.

Brian Jeffery

Petrit Ceku plays Aguado Variations on the Fandango op. 16.
(For the fast bit, go to 2’28″) 
Aguado – Variations on the Fandango op. 16



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