Sor’s Sixteen Easiest Pieces now available from Tecla as digital downloads

Recently (on 4 July 2017) we put our first new digital downloads onto the new Tecla website.

I’ve started with the book Sixteen Easiest Pieces by Sor, which I compiled especially for beginners when I was living on Central Park West in NY in the 1970s and published it there with the title Easy Studies, but here it is newly engraved with the more exact title of The Sixteen Easiest Pieces. It is very good for beginners. On our page for this book you can see and hear Rob MacKillop playing all sixteen pieces in videos. And the scores of all sixteen pieces are available either by buying the book (which you can have shipped to you inexpensively anywhere in the world) or by digital download.

Some of them are free.

Five of the pieces in this book are prescribed in the current (2017) syllabus of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and they of course can also be downloaded.

Some of my friends may remember that I (through Tecla) was one of the first ever to offer pdfs as downloads, through my website called Hebe Online, starting in the year 2000 (that’s a long time ago). It was called Hebe because Hebe was the cupbearer for the gods and brought them nectar and ambrosia. I closed Hebe a few years later mainly because of IT-related factors.

But now here is the new Hebe! Now it is again possible to download pdfs from Tecla, this time with advanced technology, no longer having to rely on manual processing but everything up in the cloud. You can see them as nectar and ambrosia, if you like.

Brian Jeffery