A nice review of my book España de la guerra

A nice review of my book España de la guerra: the Spanish political and military songs of the war in Spain 1808 to 1814 appeared in Soundboard Scholar no. 4, written by Richard Long. He writes that the book is “a highly original work” and I thank him for that. Indeed, these political songs that are the subject of the book were scarcely known before, as many of their known sources are outside Spain in London, Lisbon, and other places and were previously unexplored.

And perhaps most importantly, he writes that my Conclusion suggests some parallels with our own age: that in these songs there was often “a huge discrepancy between the message and the actual facts”, indeed, that the songs are a 200-year-old version of “fake news” . . . “in a pattern that would be repeated many times in the next centuries”.

Anyone interested in the nature and mechanisms of propaganda and fake news will find ample and I hope interesting material in my book.

Brian Jeffery