Hallo, I’m Brian Jeffery, and this is my website and the website of my firm Tecla Editions. I’m a historian and editor of literature and music. I make professional editions and write books and articles, and I make them available here on this website. Here’s more about me, and here’s more about my firm Tecla Editions.

“I must say that I love what you’re doing and long may it continue…!! I’ve seen Giuliani in a totally new light since buying his complete studies and the urtext of the sonata op 15. It’s  also a real eye opener to have the urtext of the Sor studies and to have a proper look at them without Segovia stamping his personality all over them.. same with the Carcassi studies, great edition… music that I haven’t played in a long time, great for my students and really great for my technique” (Nick Marsh, New Zealand, April 2021)

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From some subscribers who have just received Brian Jeffery’s new book
“España de la guerra” , August 2017:

“My husband has a couple of your books and raves about them constantly – serious addict"
A customer in the USA
“su maravilloso libro . . . un libro fundamental e imprescindible para el estudio de la música española de la época de la Guerra de la Independencia”
A Spanish musicologist
"Your wonderful book"
A Spanish musicologist
“I couldn’t put it down”
A musicologist in the USA

On other Tecla publications:

“This is a very fine book”
“My teacher says your editions are the ONLY editions"
A guitarist in the USA

About Tecla

A brief history of Tecla

Founded by Brian Jeffery in 1971, Tecla started with an edition of Sor’s then newly-discovered Seguidillas, still in print today, as catalogue number 01 (then 001, and now 0001). There are now more than 200 published items. For a time, Tecla was based in the USA, but it is now in England, but with sales worldwide and prices in euros and US dollars (as well as pounds).

Why Tecla? In Spanish, tecla means a key on a keyboard, both a musical keyboard and a typewriter keyboard. So when I chose the name for the firm, music and literature were both covered. Also, at that time it was the name of a tea-shop owned by friends of mine in Mexico City, where artists, writers and musicians met.

Early music players will be familiar with the word tecla from the 16th century vihuela books which spoke of “arpa, tecla o vihuela”, whereby they took the part (tecla, a key) for the whole (the keyboard, which today would usually be the teclado).