Aguado – Variations on the Fandango op. 16 for solo guitar, edited by Brian Jeffery


“Each couple, man and woman, never taking more than three steps at a time and playing castanets, to the sound of the orchestra, make a thousand movements, take up a thousand attitudes, with a lasciviousness with which nothing can compare. There is found the expression of love from its beginning to its end, from the sigh of desire to the ecstasy of possession” (Casanova on the fandango, in Madrid in 1768)


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Aguado: Variations on the Fandango op. 16 for solo guitar

A dramatic set of variations on the Spanish dance the fandango, which sweeps compellingly along.  Re-engraved, with an extended preface.  Highly recommended for performance.

16 pages.  First published by Tecla in 1982.

These Variations on the Fandango by Aguado, when played with energy and understanding, can hold a modern audience spellbound.

Aguado Variations on the Fandango op. 16
Played by Petrit Ceku. For the fast bit, go to 2’28.

“The work sparkles with rhythmic vitality… This is definitely not student repertoire but a worthwhile recital work. In the hands of a truly skilled player the result could be stunning. A fine work that deserves a wide audience. … An edition in which one may have total confidence.” (Classical Guitar)

Read the complete preface. Gives many details about Aguado, the fandango dance, Casanova and the fandango, Padre Basilio, and the circumstances of the publication of this work in Paris, etc.

SEPTEMBER 2013   I’m sorry to say that because of damp in a warehouse in the past, all our copies have some rust on their staples (not very much, but it is there).  Please be aware of this when you order. Of course remember that the music is fine and it’s a very good piece with (I hope) a good introduction . . .

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