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Tecla Editions is a university-level publisher of books and music editions specializing in the field of classical guitar.

Tecla Editions was founded by me (Brian Jeffery) in 1976, to provide fully authentic books and editions that are always at the highest level of research, whether you are an absolute beginner on the guitar, or a pianist playing Beethoven, or a person doing research at a high level. I taught for five years at the University of St Andrews and one year at UC Berkeley, and I write all my books and editions as though they were course books at the highest level. I base them always on completely new research into the original sources. For example, it was I who wrote the first full-length biography of the composer Sor with its new and groundbreaking catalogue of his works (Fernando Sor, Composer and Guitarist, by Brian Jeffery), and it was I who published the first source-based edition of Sor's Complete Studies, Lessons, and Exercises (TECLA 101) which is based on that catalogue and on all the earliest original editions and which has now been reprinted many times and is still very much available. Essentially, my aim and the aim of Tecla Editions, is to make authentic books and editions available to everyone, at whatever level of performance you may be and at whatever level of research (or just curiosity) you may be.


Tecla Editions now has a much better warehouse than we had before, we now have properly computerized storage systems and shipping arrangements in place, and I’m now very much helped by family members. A lot of people write in to say that they like the publications and even sometimes that they like the shipping arrangements, and I’m very grateful to them that they took the trouble to do so, it is always much appreciated. You can read some of their comments here.


Many people ask where the name Tecla comes from. Actually, it comes from a café in Mexico City where I was at the time when I was seeking a name for my new enterprise in 1976. Tecla in Spanish as you probably know means a key on a keyboard, and that Café Tecla in Mexico D.F. was so named because thereby it could welcome both writers (who often write on a keyboard) and musicians (who often perform on a keyboard). I asked whether my friends who owned the café would mind if I used the name for my new enterprise, and they kindly agreed.

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