Tecla Editions: Ordering direct from Tecla


You can order directly from Tecla to have us send any item to you worldwide.  Shipping costs worldwide are low, and you normally receive the music within about 7-14 days.

How soon you should receive your order.

You can use the PayPal buttons which are on most Tecla pages to order from Tecla worldwide, in euros, GBP, or US dollars.  The low-cost shipping on our PayPal cart includes Priority airmail shipping to you worldwide.  (If you don't have a PayPal account, then when you get to the checkout you can pay by ordinary credit card.)

Or you can use credit card to order from Tecla worldwide, in euros, GBP, or US dollars.

Or you can order from any music shop or bookshop worldwide. Many of them are already customers of Tecla. If they are not already customers of Tecla, you can suggest to them to look at the Tecla main page where it says “Shops and dealers”.

Or send us an email.


Ordering direct from Tecla in quantity, with special discounts, if you are a guitar teacher worldwide

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, not to supply.

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