Schubert songs with their piano accompaniments arranged for guitar by Napoléon Coste

These songs have now (October 2011) been published in book form by Tecla as Schubert Lieder with their piano accompaniments arranged for guitar by Napoléon Coste, in which the original German words have been newly underlaid for this edition.  Coste in fact made his arrangements with French words, and this present page gives links to his versions with the French words.  For more about these songs, please see the page for the published version.

These songs with the French words are now available here as downloadable files, as follows:


Marguerite (= Gretchen am Spinnrade)
La jeune fille et la mort (= Der Tod und das Mädchen)
Berceuse (= Schlummerlied)
Ave Maria
Sois toujours mes seuls amours (= Sei mir gegrüsst)
Le meunier voyageur (= Das Wandern (Die schöne Müllerin, no. 1))
La jeune mère [in A] (= Wiegenlied [in A])
La jeune mère [in G] (= Wiegenlied [in G])
Sérénade de Shakespeare (= Ständchen) (Horch, horch, die Lerch)
Sérénade (= Ständchen) (Leise flehen meine Lieder) (Schwanengesang, no. 4)
La fille du pêcheur (= Das Fischermädchen) (Schwanengesang, no. 10)

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Schubert/Coste twelve songs with texts in French, 12 downloadable files:

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