Mauro Giuliani:

Works published separately by Tecla Editions

Giuliani’s Complete Works are published by Tecla in 39 volumes. However, we also publish many individual works of Giuliani separately, as follows:

Giuliani: Sonatina for guitar, op. 71 no. 3. AUGUST 2008 A new Tecla re-engraved edition, prescribed in the new Associated Board 2009-10 syllabus.
The Complete Studies for guitar.  Contains the studies opp. 1 (the famous left hand and right hand studies, etc), 48, 51, 98, 100, and 139.  RE-ENGRAVED, DEFINITIVE EDITION.
Sonata, op. 15. This is a RE-ENGRAVED edition of this famous work - that is to say, it is a modern edition in modern notation. Newly edited from the original first edition (of which a facsimile is also included in an appendix). Free on request to purchasers of Volume 3 of the Complete Works.
Dances of 1810. Contains dances by Giuliani opp. 12, 21, 23, 24, 33 complete. RE-ENGRAVED, NEW EDITION JUNE 2006.
24 Exercises for Guitar, op. 48. RE-ENGRAVED, NEW DEFINITIVE EDITION JUNE 2006.
Grande Ouverture, op. 61.
Variations on a Russian air, op. 64.
Three Sonatinas, op. 71.
Variations on a theme of Handel ("The harmonious blacksmith"), op. 107.
Rossiniane no. 1, op. 119.
Rossiniane no. 2, op. 120.
Rossiniane no. 3, op. 121.
Rossiniane no. 4, op. 122.
Rossiniane no. 5, op. 123.
Rossiniane no. 6, op. 124.
Giuliani, Mauro: Gran Sonata Eroica, op. 150.

Variations on "Nel cor più non mi sento" and Polonaise, op. 65.
Two rondos, op. 68. This is the new (NOVEMBER 2008) re-engraved edition of this fine work.
Grand Potpourri National, op. 93.
Variations on "Partant pour la Syrie", op. 104.
Grand Duo Concertant jointly composed with Moscheles (no op. no.).

Serenade, op. 19.
Variations, op. 24a.
Duo Concertant, op. 25.
Gran Duetto Concertante, op. 52.
Gran Potpourri, op. 53.
Six Variations, op. 63.
Pièces faciles et agréables, op. 74.
Zwölf Ländler, op. 75.
Potpourri from Tancredi, op. 76.
Duettino facile, op. 77.
Six Variations, op. 81.
Grande Sérénade, op. 82.
Variations, op. 84.
Grand Duo Concertant, op. 85.
XVIII Divertimenti Notturni, op. 86.
Gran Potpourri, op. 126.
Sérénade, op. 127.
Duo (no op. no.).
Originäl Märsche (no op. no.).
Polonaise by Mayseder, arranged by Giuliani for violin and guitar.
Seconde Polonaise by Mayseder, arranged by Giuliani for flute or violin and guitar.
"Qual mesto gemito" from Rossini's Semiramide, arranged by Giuliani for flute or violin and guitar.

Trois Romances, op. 13.
Trois Romances, op. 22. For voice and guitar.
Marie Louise au berceau de son fils, op. 27. For voice and guitar or piano.
Sei Cavatine, op. 39. For voice and guitar or piano.
Cavatina "Di tanti palpiti", op. 79. For voice and guitar or piano.
Sechs Lieder, op. 89. For voice and guitar or piano.
Sei Ariette, op. 95. For voice and guitar or piano.
Pastorale, op. 149. For two voices, flute, and guitar or piano. A Christmas piece.
Près d'un volcan, op. 151. For voice and guitar.
Ode di Anacreonte, op. 151 bis. For voice and guitar or piano.
La Sentinelle. For voice, piano, violin, guitar, and violoncello ad lib. Jointly composed with Hummel and published as Hummel's op. 71. An interesting ensemble piece.
Der Abschied der Troubadours (The Troubadours' Farewell). Another interesting ensemble piece. For voice, piano, violin, and guitar. Jointly composed by Giuliani with Moscheles and Mayseder. Parts, no score.



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