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CD: Mauro Giuliani: works for guitar and fortepiano

New CD, just appeared September 2011.

WR 0011: 8.00 euros or 7.00 UK pounds or 12.00 US dollars.

The performers are Claudio Maccari and Paolo Pugliese playing on guitars of the period, and Giovanni Togni playing fortepiano, with the technique of the period and interpretation on historical lines.  The performances, like those on the companion CDs of all Giuliani's three concerti, fizz with life and musicality.

It's definitely worth noting that the balance of the two instruments is just fine with these period instruments, which is hard to say with the guitar of today and the ocean liner that is today's grand piano.

For the full list of contents, see below.  All the works are performed from the Tecla facsimile edition of Giuliani's Complete Works, Volume 34.  I (BJ) wrote the sleeve notes.   I particularly like the Two Rondos op. 68, of which I recently made a modern re-engraved edition published by Tecla.  Anyone interested in this music might wish to read the preface to that work CD from Brilliant Classics.

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Mauro Giuliani-Ignaz Moscheles: Grand Duo Concertant
[1] Allegro Maestoso
[2] Scherzo (Vivace)
[3] Largo espressivo
[4] Pastorale (Allegretto espressivo)
Paolo Pugliese, guitar – Giovanni Togni, fortepiano

Mauro Giuliani: Two Rondos op. 68
[5] Rondò I in La maggiore
[6] Rondò II in Si minore
Paolo Pugliese, guitar – Giovanni Togni, fortepiano

Mauro Giuliani - Johann Nepomuk Hummel
[7] Grand Pot-Pourri National
Claudio Maccari, terz guitar – Giovanni Togni, fortepiano

Mauro Giuliani
[8] Variazioni sul tema "Partant pour la Syrie" op.104
Claudio Maccari, terz guitar – Giovanni Togni, fortepiano

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