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CDs: The complete Rossiniane by Giuliani for solo guitar opp. 119-124, and six pot-pourris, and the Gran Sonata Eroica op. 150

Performed by Claudio Maccari and Paolo Pugliese, playing on guitars of the period.

Set of three CDs:
WR 0010: 24.00 euros or 21.00 UK pounds or 36.00 US dollars.

The performers are Claudio Maccari and Paolo Pugliese, playing on original guitars from the period with the technique of the period and interpretation on historical lines.  The performances, like those on the companion CDs of all Giuliani's three concerti, fizz with life and musicality.

It is particularly interesting that as well as the Rossiniane which are well known, they have also included six Pot-pourris which are less well known but very good and favourites at the time.

The music was performed from the Tecla facsimile edition of Giuliani's Complete Works, in which the six Rossiniane are all published together in one volume as Volume 13 and the other works in various other volumes in that series.  CDs from Brilliant Classics.

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Rossiniana I op.119
Pot-Pourri I op.18
Rossiniana II op.120
Pot-Pourri II op.26
Grande Ouverture op.61

Rossiniana III op.121
Pot-Pourri III op.28
Rossiniana IV op.122
Pot-Pourri IV op.31

Rossiniana V op.123
Pot-Pourri V op.42
Rossiniana VI op.124
Pot-Pourri VI op.108
Gran Sonata Eroica op.150

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