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CDs: The complete guitar duets of Sor and Coste

Performed by Claudio Maccari and Paolo Pugliese, playing on guitars of the period. 

Set of two CDs:
WR 0009: 16.00 euros or 14.00 UK pounds or 24.00 US dollars.

Played on original guitars from the period.  The Sor duets were performed from the Tecla facsimile edition of Sor's Complete Works for Guitar volumes 8 and 9 which includes them all.  (By the way, that Tecla facsimile edition is now out of print, but the same music is available in volumes 8 to 11 of the new re-engraved Tecla edition Sor: The New Complete Works for Guitar Solo and Guitar Duet.)  For the full list of contents, see below.

The performers are Claudio Maccari and Paolo Pugliese, playing on guitars of the period with the technique of the period and interpretation on historical lines.  CDs from Brilliant Classics.

I (BJ) wrote the sleeve notes.

“...Souvenir de Russie is one of the very best of all duos from this period, and I have never heard it played as well as it is here. This is really great music making!” (Soundboard, 2010)

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Fernando Sor:
L’Encouragement op.34
Divertissement op.38
Six Valses op.39
Les Deux Amis op.41
Six Valses op.44bis
Divertissement Militaire op.49
Le Premier Pas vers Moi op.53
Fantaisie op.54 bis

Fernando Sor:
Trois Duos op.55
Trois Petits Divertissements op.61
Divertissement op.62
Souvenir de Russie
Napoléon Coste:
Grand Duo (Allegro, Andante, Barcarolle, Finale: Allegro)
Scherzo et Pastorale op.10
Duetto (WoO)

Other CDs stocked by Tecla, including Giuliani's guitar duets etc by Maccari and Pugliese

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