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CDs: Giuliani's complete duets for two guitars

Performed by Claudio Maccari and Paolo Pugliese, playing on guitars of the period.

Set of three CDs:
WR 0007: 24.00 euros or 21.00 UK pounds or 36.00 US dollars.

A wonderful three-CD set of all Giuliani's guitar duets.  The Gran Variazioni Concertanti op. 35 in particular take one's breath away.

All Giuliani's guitar duets are included, that is to say all the works in volumes 19-24 of the Tecla edition of Giuliani's Complete Works from which this recording was played. For the full list of contents see below.  CDs from Brilliant Classics.

The performers are Claudio Maccari and Paolo Pugliese, playing on original guitars from the period, using the technique of the period and interpretation on historical lines.  The performances, like those on the companion CDs of all Giuliani's three guitar concerti, fizz with life and musicality.

“….They are indeed first-rate virtuosi with a wonderful sense of style and musicianship….marvelous performances of various operatic arrangements…” (Soundboard, 2007)

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G.Rossini - M.Giuliani - Sinfonia nell'opera La Gazza Ladra
G.Rossini - M.Giuliani - Sinfonia nell'opera l'Assedio di Corinto
G.Rossini - M.Giuliani - Sinfonia nell'opera Elisabetta Regina Inghilterra
G.Rossini - M.Giuliani - Sinfonia nell'opera La Cenerentola
V.Bellini - M.Giuliani - Sinfonia nell'opera Il Pirata
G.Spontini - M.Giuliani - Ouverture de l'Opera la Vestale
W.A.Mozart - M.Giuliani - Ouverture de la Clemence de Titus
M.Giuliani - Gran Pot-Pourri op.67

16 Oesterreichische National Ländler für zwei Guitarren op.16a
Ländler für zwey Guitarren op.55
XII Ländler con finale per una, o due Guitarre op.75
12 Laendler per due chitarre op.80
12 Neue Ländler für zwei Guitarren op.92
XII laendler per due chitarre op.94
Auswahl der beliebtesten Deutschen von Apollo-Saal WoO, 2G-3
III Rondo op.66
Le Avventure di Amore op.116
Tarantella del Sig.Lanza

Variazioni Concertanti op.130
Gran Variazioni Concertanti op.35
Tre Polonesi Concertanti op.137
La Lira Notturna op.69 (1-20)

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