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CDs: Giuliani's three guitar concerti and other works with orchestra

Performed by Claudio Maccari and Paolo Pugliese, with the orchestra Ensemble Ottocento. 

Set of two CDs:
WR 0006 16.00 euros or 14.00 UK pounds or 24.00 US dollars.

The two CDs contain all three of Giuliani's guitar concertos opp. 30, 36 and 70, and also the Gran Quintetto for guitar and string quartet op. 65 and the Variations for guitar and string quartet op. 102.  For the detailed list of contents see below.  CDs from Brilliant Classics.

The performers are Claudio Maccari and Paolo Pugliese, playing on guitars of the period with the technique of the period and interpretation on historical lines, with the orchestra Ensemble Ottocento which also plays on original instruments of the period or on replicas.  The performances fizz with life and musicality.

Colin Cooper reviewed these CDs in Classical Guitar magazine for May 2007 and liked them a lot.  He wrote, for example: "Giuliani comes out of the enterprise with a new stature.  Performed at this high level, nothing sounds weak or inadequate.  The wind department produces sounds that are no less than enchanting ... "

“...This is the best kind of early-instrument recording: historically aware but far from stuffy or doctrinaire. Maccari, for example, plays his first solo entrance in Concerto 1 with a wonderful off-hand bit of ornamentation, conveying a sense of improvised ease that one could imagine coming from Giuliani himself. The orchestra's playing is transparent and shimmering . . .”  (American Record Guide, 2005)

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First Concerto op.30 for guitar and orchestra
Third Concerto op.70 for terz guitar and orchestra

Second Concerto op.36 for guitar and strings
Gran quintetto op.65
Variazioni op.102 for terz guitar and string quartet

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