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CD: A recording of 12 Divertimentis by James Oswald (1710-1769) for the "18th century wire-strung guittar".

Played by Rob MacKillop


A very unusual recording, and well worth listening to (in my opinion).  These are 12 divertimenti for the “18th century wire-strung guittar”, that is to say a kind of cittern, or the instrument sometimes called the “English guitar”.  The composer is James Oswald, born in 1710 in Crail near St Andrews in Fife, who later became Chamber Composer to King George III.  Played with enormous verve and musicality by Rob MacKillop, well known as a lute player.  Gives a very unusual  and very worthwhile musical as well as historical experience.

Anyone interested in this unusual music might like to see the original score.  Here it is, reproduced here in full from the copy of the original edition in the Mackworth Collection, by the kind permission of the Department of Music, Cardiff University, and Cardiff City Library:
Title-page and pages 1-2
Pages 3-5
Pages 6-8
Pages 9-12

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