Estudios sobre Fernando Sor (Sor Studies)

A book from Spain containing 31 articles on Sor, now reprinted  




Estudios sobre Fernando Sor (Sor Studies), edited by Luis Gásser (Madrid, 2003, reprinted 2010).  This is a book for enthusiasts for Sor.  It isn't a Tecla publication, but we have some stock of it and we can supply it.  It was sold out for some years, but has now been reprinted.  We supply the second edition, of 2010.

Books like this in Spain, published academically and with an educational and cultural subsidy, often sell out fast.  You may wish to get this book now while it is available. if you think it is something that might interest you.

It is a collection of articles on various aspects of Sor and his music, put together by Luis Gásser of the Conservatorio de Música in Barcelona. Personally, I found some articles really interesting, such as Roger Quin on "Sor's Motete al santísimo sacramento: a motet in time of war", of which the ms is in Málaga Cathedral, in which he writes about the circumstances of the French invasion of Spain and the Peninsular War at the time when Sor composed it.  Or Michael Cristoforidis and Elizabeth Kertesz with lots of information about Sor's ballet Cendrillon.  Or Sandra Noll Hammond on the ballet of Sor's time with special reference to the manuscript répétiteur (annotated rehearsal score) of Cendrillon which is in the Archives de la Ville in Brussels, discovered there by Marc Van de Cruys in 1991.  Or Walter A. Clark on Sor's guitar studies and their parallels with certain piano music of the time.  There is also an article by me. On the other hand I can't personally find any enthusiasm for long structural analyses of Sor's music, of which there are several examples here.

There are 31 articles altogether, of which 14 are in Spanish, 15 in English, one in French, and one in Italian. (I wonder why there are none in Catalan, as several of the contributors are Catalan?)  For the detailed contents of the book, see below.

579 pages, paperbound.


The contents of the book are as follows.

Prólogo, by Luis Gásser.

I. Biografía

1. Fernando Sor: Aportaciones biográficas, by Josep Maria Mangado.

2. Fernando Sor's funeral march for Tsar Alexander I, by Richard Long.

3. Fernando Sor como demócrata revolucionario: Trasfondo político de sus canciones patrióticas, by Emili Olcina.

4. Fernando Sor and the Russians, by Matanya Ophee.

II. Música escénica

5. El ballet Alphonse et Léonore: observaciones analíticas, by Benet Casablancas.

6. Cendrillon, Cinderella, and spectacle: Insights into Sor's most successful work, by Michael Cristoforidis and Elizabeth Kertesz.

7. La producción de Sor para la escena española, by Josep Dolcet.

8. Sor and the ballet of his time, by Sandra Noll Hammond.

9. El ballet Hercule et Omphale, by Ramón Sobrino.

10. Concerning two ballets by Sor, by Marc Van de Cruys.

III. Música orquestal y coral

11. Un fugato de Sor con ecos mozartianos: La obertura del ballet Hercule et Omphale, by Marcos Bosch.

12. El Concierto para violín y orquesta en sol mayor, by Josep Dolcet.

13. Sor's Motete al santísimo sacramento: a motet in time of war, by Roger Quin.

14. Los motetes de Fernando Sor, by Jordi Rifé.

15. Tres sinfonías de Fernando Sor, by Ramón Sobrino

16. Tres composiciones seculares para voces y acompañamiento orquestal, by Josep Ma. Vilar.

IV. Canciones

17. The vocal canons of Fernando Sor, by Denis Collins.

18. Arietas y duetos italianos de Fernando Sor, by Ma. Encina Cortizo.

19. Sor and the seguidillas boleras form, by Brian Jeffery.

V. Música para guitarra

20. Two likely sources for Sor's Variations on a theme of Mozart, op. 9, by David Buch.

21. Fernando Sor's guitar studies, lessons and exercises, op. 6, 29, 31, and 35, and the London pianoforte school, by Walter A. Clark.

22. Los armónicos en la música para guitarra de Sor, by Julio Gimeno.

23. Fernando Sor e il Méthode pour la guitare, by Marco Riboni.

24. The use of listening strategies in the fantasias (not in variation form) of Fernando Sor, by Tom Schuttenheim.

25. The guitar variations of Fernando Sor, by Paul Sparks.

26. Sor's guitar sonatas: form and style, by Stanley Yates.

VI. Música para piano

27. Sor's music for piano, four hands, by Jonathan Bellman.

28. La obra para fortepiano solo de Fernando Sor, by Josep Ma. Roger.

29. Sor's music for the ballroom and its social context, by Jennifer Thorp.

VII. Organología

30. Fernando Sor et la lutherie de son temps: une étude organologique, by Bruno Marlat.

31. Datos sobre los guitarreros malagueños apreciados por Sor, by Eusebio Rioja.


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