Fernando Sor: Seguidillas Book 2

with an introduction by Brian Jeffery

Sor: Seguidillas Book 2 contains sixteen songs by Sor in Spanish for two or three voices with guitar or piano accompaniment, all of them now published for the first time in our own age.

Sor Seguidillas Book 2 - from Tecla Editions

80 pages. 12 x 9 inches. 1999 (as "More Seguidillas"), reprinted 2005.

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Sor: Seguidillas Book 2 (paperbound)  TECLA 0380 

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As well as the introduction, also included is an English prose translation of all the Spanish texts.

See the beginning of the first song.

Sor's songs in Spanish in the seguidillas boleras form are a very special contribution to Spanish musical culture. They were composed within that great age of creative art, music, dance and popular literature which occurred in Spain at the end of the eighteenth and beginning of the nineteenth centuries. Utterly Spanish in their words, their wit, their intensely alive musical idiom and their indigenous dance form the bolero, they shine for us still today.

In 1976 I published twelve of them under the title of Sor's Seguidillas, which have been widely performed since then. Those twelve were all for solo voice, some with guitar accompaniment and some with piano.

Now here is a further collection, this time for two or three voices with guitar or piano, all of them now published for the first time in our own age, and some of them indeed now newly discovered and identified. There are 52 pages of music, with an introduction and notes.

The songs are as follows:


With guitar:

  • Mucha tierra he corrido
  • Cuando de ti me aparto
  • Qué costoso es el logro
  • Sin duda que tus ojos

With piano:

  • Mucha tierra he corrido
  • Cuando de ti me aparto
  • Qué costoso es el logro
  • Sin duda que tus ojos
  • Cuantas naves se han visto


With guitar:

  • Los canónigos, madre

With piano:

  • Los canónigos, madre
  • No tocarán campanas
  • Puede una buena moza
  • Me pregunta un amigo
  • Lo que no quieras darme
  • Me preguntó mi amigo (second setting)
  • Facsimile of "Me preguntó mi amigo", in Sor’s autograph.

At the Darwin Guitar Festival 1999 we gave what was probably the first modern performance of the first four songs. It turned out that they are very fine, some of them real Three Tenors stuff. Since then they have been performed at the New York Festival of Song and elsewhere.

If you're performing songs from Seguidillas Book 2, you really need FOUR COPIES, one for each of the three singers and one for the guitarist or pianist. Don't fiddle with photocopies: if you like, you can get four copies, one for each of you, at a specially reduced price.

VIDEO: three seguidillas by Sor for several voices on youtube, all of them sung by a fine group from Buenos Aires and all of them published in this Tecla book Sor: Seguidillas Book 2. It's a fine opportunity to hear these rarely heard songs.  Kindly sent to me by Gabriel Schebor, who is playing the guitar in the video. They are:
"Sin duda que tus ojos" (at the beginning of the video),
"Cuando de ti me aparto" (at 8'21") both for three voices and piano or guitar, and
"Los canónigos madre" (at 10'21") for two voices and piano or guitar.

These songs will interest singers looking for new repertory, especially if they are looking for new Hispanic material. If you know singers who might like them, do please tell them.

The long introduction contains many details about the provenance of the songs, their form, and so on. Here is the beginning of the introduction to Fernando Sor- Seguidillas Book 2.

MAY 2002: I have added notes about
1) whether the Seguidillas and Seguidillas Book 2 are to be sung by men or by women, and
2) whether the Seguidillas and Seguidillas Book 2 are best regarded as dance music or not.

"This is a fine publication: attractive but unknown music is presented with all the information that one needs"  (Early Music Review, February 2000).

"L'invenzione melodica è ricca di fascino"  ("the melodic invention is rich in fascination") (Guitart, April/June 2000).

Consider getting the clothbound.

Tips for singers

CD: La Seguidilla Galante

Enthusiastic first US performance, November 1999.

Sor- Seguidillas for voice and guitar

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