Manuel M. Ponce: Variations on a theme of Cabezón

for solo guitar

edited by Miguel Alcázar

Ponce Variations on a theme by Cabezón - from Tecla Editions


This is Ponce's last known work for guitar, dating from 1948.  From a manuscript in Mexico City.

Eight pages.  First published by Tecla Editions in 1982.

Ponce: Variations on a theme of Cabezón
Price 9,00 euros / or 6.40 UK pounds / or 11.00 US dollars
ISBN 978-0-906953-27-3 / TECLA 0027


This work has a theme, six variations and fughetta, with three more variations in an appendix.  Edited with a preface in Spanish and English by Miguel Alcázar.

See the first page of music, from this edition (pdf).

Ponce: Variations on a theme of Cabezón  TECLA 0027

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