Manuel M. Ponce: 24 Preludes for guitar

edited by Miguel Alcázar

Ponce 24 Preludes - from Tecla Editions

These 24 Preludes for guitar by Manuel M. Ponce, composed in Paris in the 1920s, are taken from manuscripts in Mexico City. Twelve of them are versions of preludes which were published early in the twentieth century, while twelve were not hitherto published. Together they make up 24, one in every major and minor key, which appears to have been Ponce's original intention. A preface in Spanish and English by Miguel Alcázar explains the origins of this set of pieces.

32 pages.  First published by Tecla in 1981. 

Ponce: 24 Preludes for guitar  
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Ponce: 24 Preludes for guitar  TECLA 0023

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