Napoleon Coste Composer

A charming small book about Napoleon Coste. Once again now available, either in English or in French, 2008.

Napoléon Coste Composer - from Tecla Editions

Napoleon Coste Composer  Paperbound
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ISBN 978-0-948607-94-3 / TECLA 0122

THIS PAGE IS FOR THE ENGLISH VERSION. Pour la version en français, cliquez ici. For the French version, click here.

This book was first published in 2005 to accompany the celebrations which were held in Amondans, the village in France where Coste was born, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of his birth there in 1805.  As far as I know it is the only book so far published about Coste. The author, Noël Roncet, is the curé of Amondans.

It is a charming little book, paperback format and 48 pages long.  It outlines Coste's life and work and has many colour photographs, especially of the area of Amondans in the Doubs in France.  From the point of view of the historian it is interesting because it includes details of Coste's career which I haven't seen elsewhere, for example reviews of concerts in the "Courrier de Valenciennes" of the early 19th century.

Tecla has now republished this book, this time in both French as Napoléon Coste Compositeur (TECLA 121) and also in English as Napoleon Coste Composer (TECLA 122). This present page is for the English version. (For the version in French, click here). (Pour la version en français, cliquez ici.)

It would make a delightful small birthday or Christmas present for someone who is interested in the classical guitar.

48 pages, paperbound.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS PAGE, AND THE BUTTONS ON THIS PAGE, ARE FOR THE ENGLISH VERSION. If it is the French version that you want, click here.)

Napoleon Coste Composer  Paperbound TECLA 0122 (in English) 

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