Beethoven: The 32 Piano Sonatas in high quality facsimiles of the first editions


The clothbound edition (TECLA 1003)


The paperbound edition (TECLA 1002)
The boxed set (TECLA 1001)

This edition presents all the 32 piano sonatas of Beethoven in very high quality facsimile reprints of the fine original first editions of each sonata which are held in the Hoboken Collection of the Austrian National Library. Over 800 large pages providing all 32 of the famous piano sonatas in reprints of the first editions. There are short prefaces by Brian Jeffery. 1989.

Read a note on why, in my opinion, this edition is essential for any serious performer of these sonatas. With practical examples.

The set is available as:
a five-volume clothbound set (TECLA 1003), or
a five-volume paperbound set (TECLA 1002), or
a boxed set containing all the sonatas as separate items of sheet music as they were originally issued (TECLA 1001). 

We also currently have some copies of the boxed set TECLA 1001 of which the box is slightly marked or slightly damaged, at the reduced price of 153,00 euros / or 124.85 UK pounds / or 209.00 US dollars.  The individual items of sheet music inside the box are in pristine condition.  This is a good opportunity to get the boxed set at a lower price. 


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The five-volume clothbound set: TECLA 1003, ISBN 978-0-948607-43-1. 
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The five-volume paperbound set: TECLA 1002, ISBN 978-0-948607-42-4. 
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The boxed set: TECLA 1001, ISBN 978-0-948607-41-7. 
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The boxed set TECLA 1001, with the box slightly marked or slightly damaged but the individual sonatas unaffected, at a specially reduced price: 
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The complete Introduction to this edition (1989). It sets out the reasons why this edition was made, and especially what practical use it has for performers.

See some of the pages of music (and a title-page).

The individual sonatas are also available separately in sheet music form. WE CURRENTLY ONLY HAVE THE MOONLIGHT SONATA (OP. 27 NO. 2) AVAILABLE. 


This is extraordinarily interesting material. As only a few of the original autograph manuscripts for these sonatas have survived, these first editions are the earliest known sources for most of the 32 sonatas. They are, in fact, the sources to which most modern editors went to establish their text. But any responsible player would have to consult these facsimiles in order to make his or her own judgments on many hundreds of points of detail. They are in our opinion essential - indeed, indispensable - for any pianist who wishes to give a historically informed performance, or for any teacher of historical keyboard performance.

They are all extremely clear to read for the performer.  The page size is larger than most music nowadays, 13˝ x 9˝ inches (340 x 244 mm). 

For the details of the dates and the publishers of the original editions which are here reproduced in facsimile, see the list of individual sonatas.

DECEMBER 2004 Christoph Thiemann has also kindly written a note on how this Tecla edition can be practically useful to pianists (reproduced here by his kind permission).  

This is a fine edition for any pianist to own, or a magnificent gift for any pianist.

"During my years at Clavier, many interesting books and music editions have crossed my desk. Perhaps none has equalled the beauty and quality of these facsimiles. I cannot imagine a pianist or scholar who would not want to read from these pages" (Clavier).

"As visually exciting as any fine graphic work of a major painter" (Notes).

"Magnifique ... une édition que tous les professionels devraient posséder" (La Lettre du Musicien).

"I just received the Beethoven editions today. They are absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much for making these first editions available and for reproducing them so beautifully." (A pianist, February 2011).

"These volumes arrived yesterday and are simply beautiful; a treasure for any music library." (Leslie Tung, professor of piano at Kalamazoo, May 2007).

"They are fantastic.  I enjoyed your essay.  I feel as if I am hearing the works fresh from the press for the first time." (Hector Garcia-Santana, pianist, Washington D.C., USA, July 2007). la home page. 

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