Mauro Giuliani: 24 Exercises for Guitar, op. 48

edited by Brian Jeffery

Giuliani 24 Exercises op. 48 - from Tecla Editions


This is Giuliani's famous set of Exercises op. 48 for guitar, now in a new edition newly established by Brian Jeffery from the original source. With engraving of high quality, and at a reasonable price. Useful for all students. With only the original fingering; no new fingering has been added. This is a new definitive edition established from the original source,

This music is also in the Tecla edition of Giuliani's Complete Studies, but here it is available separately.

40 pages.

Paperbound TECLA 2536
Price 13.00 euros / or 9.40 UK pounds / or 16.00 US dollars
ISBN 978-0-948607-85-1

Clothbound in handsome new black and gold TECLA 2836
Price 26.00 euros / or 18.80 UK pounds / or 32.00 US dollars
ISBN 978-0-948607-86-8


"Highly recommended" (Classical Guitar, August 2007)

Read the complete Preface

or See a sample page of music (page 1 with op. 48 no. 1) (pdf)

ERRATUM: on page 13, the key signature of this piece should be three sharps throughout.

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A new note on cello-type technique in Giulianiís op. 48 no. 24

Consider getting the clothbound.

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