Fernando Sor: the New Complete Works for Guitar, Volume 6

Edited by Brian Jeffery

This volume 6 of Sor's New Complete Works for Guitar contains guitar solos op. nos. 44 through 52, as follows: 

  • Opus 44: 24 short progressive pieces

  • Opus 45: Voyons si c’est ça

  • Opus 46: Souvenir d’amitié

  • Opus 47: Six petites pièces progressives

  • Opus 48: Est-ce bien ça?

  • Opus 50: Le calme

  • Opus 51: À la bonne heure!

  • Opus 52: Fantaisie villageoise

80 pages.

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ISBN 978-0-948607-76-9 / TECLA 1206

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ISBN 978-0-948607-56-1 / TECLA 1106


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Sor- The New Complete Works for Guitar (the complete set)

The complete detailed notes to all the pieces in Volume 6, taken from Volume 6.

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