Mauro Giuliani:

Complete Works, Volume 33 (Tecla facsimile edition)

Four works for guitar and string quartet 

with an introduction by Brian Jeffery

Paperbound TECLA 0833
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Paper edition ISBN 978-0-906953-93-8

This Volume 33 contains the following works by Giuliani for guitar and string quartet, in reprints of the first editions:

  • Op. 65: Gran Quintetto: Variations on "Nel cor più non mi sento" and Polonaise.
  • Op. 101: Variations on "Deh! calma, o ciel".
  • Op. 102: Variations on "Nume perdonami".
  • Op. 103: Variations on a favourite waltz.

There are separate parts for the guitar and for violin 1, violin 2, viola, and violoncello. No score.

First published by Tecla in 1988.

"It has been very hard for me to find any work by Giuliani other than studies or very famous pieces, and finding his complete works for guitar and string quartet has been a godsend." (a musician)

[Legibility: good.]

We have a few copies for sale of a very fine CD from Italy which is very hard to get, containing works by Giuliani for guitar and string quartet which are in this volume, played by Eros Roselli and the Ensemble Urs Mächler. This is an exceptionally beautiful recording, real music. These few copies are probably the last ones.

Also another CD from Italy, played by Claudio Maccari and Paolo Pugliese, containing op. 65 and op. 102.

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Paperbound TECLA 0833

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