Schubert Lieder with their piano accompaniments arranged for guitar by Napoléon Coste

for voice and guitar

edited and with an introduction by Brian Jeffery

A new Tecla book October 2011

The first new modern edition of these guitar arrangements by Coste.  First published in this form by Tecla in 2011.

48 pages. 12 x 9 inches. 

Paperbound TECLA 0391
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ISBN 978-0-948607-83-7

Clothbound in handsome new black and gold TECLA 0392
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ISBN 978-0-948607-84-4

"The edition of Schubert Lieder is of superb quality" (a customer, October  2011)

This new book presents a group of songs by Schubert whose piano accompaniments were arranged for guitar by Napoléon Coste, probably in about the 1830s, that is to say very soon after Schubert's time. Coste's guitar accompaniments are quite good and will be a valuable addition to the repertory for voice and guitar. At the time Coste was a student of Sor in Paris, and quite possibly these limpid and uncomplicated accompaniments may show Sor's influence. They have not previously been published in a new re-engraved edition in our own time, as far as I know.

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Coste wrote his guitar accompaniment to French texts and it should be clearly understood that in this edition we have newly underlaid the original German text to his guitar accompaniments, for the convenience of those performers who may wish to sing these songs with the guitar with the original German text.  

The songs are:
1. Gretchen am Spinnrade (e to a'')
2. Der Tod und das Mädchen (a to e' flat) 
3. Ständchen (Leise flehen) (d to g')
4. Sei mir gegrüsst (f sharp to f' sharp)
5. Das Fischermädchen (c sharp to g')
6. Schlummerlied (c to f')
7. Des Mädchens Klage (d to f')
8. Das Wandern (e to e')
9. Wiegenlied (Schlafe, schlafe) in A (e to e')
10. Wiegenlied (Schlafe, schlafe) in G (d to d')
11. Ständchen (Horch, horch, die Lerch) (e to e')
12. Adieu (d sharp to f' sharp)
13. Auf dem Wasser zu singen (e to g')
14. Ave Maria (e to e')

Ranges: Most of the songs go up to f, g, or a so they will suit a tenor or soprano, but one, Muchacha y la vergüenza, goes up only to d'.  The exact ranges are indicated above as follows:
a, b, c, and so on up to g: this means from the a four notes below the treble stave, up to the g which is on the second line of the treble stave.
a', b', c', and so on up to g': this means from the a which is on the second space of the treble stave, up to the g which is on the space just above the treble stave.
a'', b'', c'', and so on: this means from the a which is on the line immediately above the treble stave, upwards.

Those who wish to sing these songs with the French words that Coste set can find them in Tecla as online files.

The cover picture, by the way, shows a path leading to the infinite, by the side of a Bach, where a Müller might perhaps wandern.

Read the beginning of the Introduction.

See the beginning of the song Gretchen am Spinnrade from this book (pdf).

If you're performing any of these Schubert Lieder with guitar, you really need TWO COPIES, one for the singer and one for the guitarist. Don't fiddle with photocopies: if you like, you can get two copies, one for each of you, at a specially reduced price.

Consider getting the clothbound.

A small piece of new research information, since the publication of this book.

The opportunity has also been taken now to publish separately, as another new Tecla publication, Beethoven's song “Adelaide” with its piano accompaniment arranged by Napoléon Coste for guitar.

Tecla also publishes:
- the charming small biography Napoléon Coste Compositeur / Composer, and
- a separate edition of Coste's La Source du Lyson, op. 47, for solo guitar, and
- a different book with Schubert songs with guitar accompaniments from Vienna from in or near Schubert's own time, edited by Thomas F. Heck: Schubert: Sixteen Songs with guitar accompaniment.

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The engraving of this new edition is by Alexander V. Trukhin.

Napoleon Coste Composer / Compositeur, a new book on Coste May 2008.

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