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Luigi Moretti Gran Trio - from Tecla Editions

Luigi Moretti:

Gran Trio for violin, horn (or viola), and guitar.

Re-engraved, score and parts.

a new edition made by Jean-Loup Lecomte

56 pages (24 pages score plus 8, 8, 4, 12 pages parts).  A4 size. 

New re-engraved edition 2009.


NOTE: this is simple A4 music without a cover. But it is practical for playing from.

Price 12.00 euros / or 10.00 UK pounds / or 17.50 US dollars


Luigi Moretti, the brother of the better-known Federico Moretti, was also a prolific and interesting composer who composed up to about the 1840s and showed an interest in the details of instrumentation, composing for example elaborate works for guitar and piano. This Gran Trio by Luigi Moretti has unusual instrumentation with horn. This is the first modern re-engraved edition of the Gran Trio as far as I know.  It has been available online since 2004, but now it is available here in Tecla printed out, score and parts. 


More about Luigi Moretti
The complete preface to this edition.
Detailed notes to this edition, by Jean-Loup Lecomte

Largo, Recitativo FIRST PART FREE

To see what the Gran Trio is like, you can look at the extracts from the score above where it says FIRST PART FREE. 

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