Napoléon Coste: La Source du Lyson op. 47 for solo guitar

edited by Brian Jeffery

Schubert Sixteen Songs - from Tecla Editions

This is a re-engraved edition of Napoléon Coste's La Source du Lyson, op. 47, a long and interesting piece which includes a "Rondeau Villageois".  With an extensive preface by Brian Jeffery.

Coste: La Source du Lyson op. 47 for solo guitar
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ISBN 978-0-906953-21-1 / TECLA 0021

12 pages.  First published by Tecla in 1982. 

Coste's La Source du Lyson for solo guitar is an example of the growing interest in romantic nature and actual places, the celebration of country life in art, just as in Berlioz or in Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony. The source of the river Lyson is a noted beauty spot in Coste's native region of France, the Doubs. 

See the beginning of the Rondeau Villageois, from this edition.

Read the complete preface. This is a major piece of research on Coste, giving many details about Coste, his background in the Doubs, the relation of this work to the Doubs, Coste and the painter Courbet, etc. It is recommended to anyone who is interested in this composer.

The picture on the cover is from a travel book by Charles Nodier, author of the novel Trilby.

I'm sorry to say that because of damp in a warehouse in the past, all our copies have some rust on their staples (not very much, but it is there).  Please be aware of this when you order.  Of course remember that the music is fine and it's a very good piece with (I hope) a good introduction . . .

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Coste: La Source du Lyson op. 47 for solo guitar  TECLA 0021

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Napoleon Coste Composer / Compositeur, a new book on Coste May 2008.

Schubert Lieder with their piano accompaniments arranged for guitar by Napoléon Coste, edited and with an introduction by Brian Jeffery NEW 2011, the first modern edition of these Coste arrangements.

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