Henrik Rung (1807-1871)


Henrik Rung was a Danish national composer and outstanding guitar virtuoso, and I am happy to say that a selection of works by him has been made available here in Tecla by Jens Bang-Rasmussen of Copenhagen.  Mr. Bang-Rasmussen has made an extensive study of Rung, and together with other Danish musicians made a CD of his music.  The edition, and the notes below on Rung and his music, and the engraving of the music, are his work.

These works by Rung are available here in the form of downloadable files, as follows:

Guitar solos:
Impromptu  Download the entire piece.
Polonaise op. 2 No. 1

Guitar duets:
A quarrel between children (De Uenige Sødskene)
Capriccio fantastico per ossia la studente

Guitar trio:

Guitar with other instruments:
George and one of the kids, for violin and guitar
Andante for violoncello and guitar
Notturno for violin, violoncello and guitar
Siciliano a 4 for two guitars and two violins
Bolero for three guitars and violin

Twelve Italian Songs
Canzonette Italiane Populari

The beginning of every file of the guitar works can be seen free online.

There is a short video (on Jens Bang-Rasmussen's website), from a ballet on Rung's Tarantella for solo guitar.  The dancer is Karina Elver who used to be in the Danish Royal Ballet.

JANUARY 2005: A very interesting paper by John Bergsagel is now here, by kind permission.  (In pdf form, 500kb). It is mostly about Rung, his time in Italy and his work in Denmark.  It was read in January 2004 at the Royal Library Copenhagen on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the establishment of the music section there.  It's very readable (and I like it especially because it quotes from John Aubrey, a favourite author and antiquarian).

Rung's biography, by Jens Bang-Rasmussen


Other Danish guitar composers in Tecla:

Soffren Degen (1816-1885)

Frederik Carl Lemming (1782-1846)


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