Søffren Degen (1816-1885)

A 19th century guitar virtuoso


Twelve pieces by the Danish composer Søffren Degen (1816-1885) have now been contributed to Tecla by Jens Bang-Rasmussen of Copenhagen, following the music by Henrik Rung which he previously contributed. Mr. Bang-Rasmussen has made an extensive study of Degen. The edition, and the notes on Degen and his music, and the engraving of the music, are his work.

The twelve works by Degen available in Tecla as downloadable files are as follows:

Three pieces for solo guitar:
Funeral march  FREE TO EVERYBODY 
 Download the entire piece.
Lied ohne Worte no. 9 (Mendelssohn)
Pièce facile pour la guitare

Three duets for two guitars:
Einsiedlers Waldglöcklein (Mertz) 
Le passage des Alpes (Coste)

Six pieces for guitar and violoncello:
Andante (Haydn)
Blandt bjergene 
Larghetto (Mozart) 
Meditation (Gounod/Bach) 
Melodic waltz, op. 16 
Ständchen (Schubert) 

The beginning of every piece can be seen free online. The first guitar solo is FREE TO EVERYBODY.

Degen's biography, by Jens Bang-Rasmussen

Other Danish guitar composers in Tecla:

Frederik Carl Lemming (1782-1846)

Henrik Rung (1807-1871)

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