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Sor: Complete Studies for guitar   Carcassi: 25 Etudes for Guitar, op. 60
Giuliani: Complete Studies for guitar   Schubert Lieder arr. Coste
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Tecla Editions publishes a large quantity of music especially for guitar, including authentic editions of guitar music by Sor, Giuliani, Carcassi, and others, and some books.  The standard of editing is always rigorously high and authentic. The publications are reasonably priced and you can easily get them worldwide. Read more ...

To find any given work - especially if you already know what you are looking for - go first to the Complete Catalogue by Authors / Composers and then under each composer you will find all the works by that composer published by Tecla.

Among our publications are the New Complete Works for Guitar of Fernando Sor (1778-1839) and Complete Works of Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829). With these editions you have access to the many hundreds of pieces which are the core of that repertory. There are also many works by other composers, about 2,000 separate compositions contained in about 300 publications.  

From Simon Revill, a teacher who recently bought the clothbound Tecla edition of Giuliani's Complete Studies:
"I'd like to say that the book is wonderful and is of very high quality, I can see how much work you had to do there and I shall treasure it. I'm sure it will come in handy with my students. I love how you have preserved Giuliani's fingering and the engraving is fantastic. I have one regret though. About a year ago I bought a copy of the complete Fernando Sor studies in paperback from a local store, also published by you. If only I had been to your website first, I would have got the clothbound copy of that too! Maybe later in the year..."

Many more reviews - do have a look!  They show why people value and use these books.


Patrik Kleemola has made videos of all 24 of the 24 very easy exercises op. 35 of Sor, on Youtube playing a copy of an early guitar. Very eloquent.

Gohar Vardanyan has made a video of Sor's famous study in B minor (op. 35 no. 22) from the Tecla book Fernando Sor: The Complete Studies with very useful comments.

From the Tecla book Sor: The Sixteen Easiest Pieces for guitar: Rob MacKillop has made videos playing all the sixteen pieces (look a bit down from the top of his page) Very good, played on a fine modern copy of a Lacote guitar.  Have a look!

From the Tecla book Giuliani: Dances of 1810 for guitar: Rob MacKillop has made a video of four of Giuliani's Monferrine dances.

And also Rob MacKillop has made another video, of five pieces from Sor's Introduction to the study of the guitar op. 60 (all five pieces are available in the Tecla edition of Sor's Complete Studies).

Don't forget: if you already know what you are looking for - go first to the Complete Catalogue by Authors / Composers and then under each composer you will find all the works by that composer published by Tecla.  It is also a good place to start browsing.

New publications from Tecla
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New publications from Tecla:
TECLA 0005 Ferandiere: Arte de tocar la guitarra espaņola (new facsimile of Ferandiere’s enthusiastic 1799 book with English translation).
TECLA 0123 Ferandiere: Seis Dúos for two guitars (fine duets from Madrid about 1800, the first modern edition)
TECLA 0007 Moretti: Doce Canciones for voice and guitar (the first song-cycle for voice and guitar, new re-engraved edition)

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